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The following was sent via email by: Andy Frisella

Stop Waiting for the Storm to Pass  

Ideal conditions are a myth.

If you can’t execute when things don’t go as planned…

You can’t do anything.

You have been spellbound by convenience and ease.

You have been convinced that you can get where it is you
want to go conveniently and easily with little stress or effort.

It’s a lie.

You must break free from this thinking.

If you don’t move past this thinking…

…it will eventually cost you everything.

Become the person who smiles when it gets a little tougher.

Become the person who knows that when things get tough…

It’s a signal to go a little harder.

That’s where the wins are made.

When everyone else quits and waits for the storm to pass…

…and you keep going. That’s the play.    

Since I don’t make posts like this on social media … if there’s someone you know that would benefit from reading this, share it with them so they can start working on becoming the ultimate version of themselves.
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Stop Waiting for the Storm to Pass

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